Many people, especially those who have been blogging and using websites as an Internet marketing strategy, has been asking around about the best possible web hosting provider available on the Internet. Many have suggested HostGator, and this article would try to explain and outline exactly why these people chose HostGator as their web-hosting provider.

When you first look at HostGator, you will first think that the web-hosting provider is somewhat expensive. However, the truth is that you are actually paying less for the services that come with Hostgator’s packages. For example, the SSL certificate is already expensive, but with HostGator, the SSL certificate for your website comes free with their packages. This SSL certificate can be used when promoting your websites in different sites such as in the famous Facebook social networking site.

To add to that, you also have Cpanel when you choose HostGator as your web-hosting provider. Cpanel is user-friendly and thus is easy to use; you can even install WordPress in such a short time with this Cpanel as it needs no expertise.

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Below are some of the features of HostGator that makes it worth its price.

1. Unlimited bandwidth
Not all web hosting provider offers unlimited bandwidth for such a minimum price. However, unlimited bandwidth can be obtained with HostGator, regardless of the plan. That is, all of their plans offer unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the capacity of an electronic device to transfer data.

2. Unlimited Domain Hosting & Subdomains
You can have several domains and subdomains with HostGator since it offers unlimited hosting for both domains and subdomains. That is, if you have one main domain, you can add several subdomains in it with HostGator.

3. 24-hour live support
Customer support is very important since you will never know when you need technical help with your site. HostGator packages come with a 24-hour customer support that would gladly assist you in your technical mishaps and other issues.

Other features of HostGator are the following:
• Unlimited Parked Domains
• Unlimited FTP & email accounts
• $100 Google Adwords credit
• Cpanel & shared SSL

To top those features, this web hosting provider also gives you close to 100%, that is, 99.9%, of uptime. This simply means that your website will experience less or no downtime at all. They also have the Site Build feature that allows you to build your websites instantly. This feature comes with free templates that could amount to hundreds.

When you are not satisfied with their service, you have 45 days to back out, and they would refund you for a fraction of the cost you paid.
Why look for something else when you can have everything you need with HostGator?

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